Fredric Raichlen

Email: raichlenSymbolatcaltech.edu

Tel: 626-395-4403

139 Keck Laboratory MC 138-78 Pasadena, CA 91125

Research Overview

Professor Raichlen has been involved in a wide range of coastal engineering studies; dealing mainly with wave mechanics and wave-structure interactions in the nearshore region. One example is the dynamics of harbors exposed to continuous trains of waves (or to transient waves) and their interaction with moored-floating bodies. Results of that research have provided the profession with a means of investigating harbor-ship dynamics in an exploratory or preliminary manner without resorting to more costly laboratory investigations. He is also researching the generation, propagation, and coastal effects of tsunamis. The research emphasizes the coastal effects of tsunamis, such as their interaction with structures and the run-up of large tsunami-like waves that break near the shoreline. The latter have implications both with respect to run-up and the potential for damage to nearshore structures. A third area of interest is breaking of waves. Studies have ranged from an investigation of the action of breaking waves on an armored bottom to the study of the mechanics of plunging breaking waves and the air entrainment by bow waves of ships. A tilting flume and two large wave tanks with glass walls, and equipped with programmable wave generators, are among the major pieces of experimental equipment available for coastal engineering research, along with a wide range of instrumentation.

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