Center for Social Information Sciences (CSIS) Seminar

Friday October 14, 2022 12:00 PM

Diffusion of new products on networks

Speaker: Gadi Fibich, School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University
Location: Baxter 127

Abstract: Diffusion of new products is a classical problem in Marketing, where it has been extensively studied using compartmental Bass models. These compartmental models implicitly assume that all individuals are homogeneous and connected to each other. To relax these assumptions, one can go back to the more fundamental discrete Bass models on networks, which are stochastic particle models for the adoption state of each individual. These models may look ``similar'' to discrete epidemiological models on networks, but are fundamentally different.

In this talk, I will present the emerging mathematical theory for the discrete Bass model, with a special focus on the diffusion of residential solar systems, and review some analytical tools developed for this model (indifference principle, funnel-node theorems, ….). The main focus of the talk will be the effects on the aggregate diffusion of the network structure (complete, Cartesian, random, percolation, boundary effects, …), of heterogeneity (qualitative, quantitative), and of recovery (Bass-SIR model).

Series Center for Social Information Sciences (CSIS) Seminar Series

Contact: Letty Diaz at 626-395-1255