Undergraduate Receives Fulbright to Study Biophysics of RNA in Denmark

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Pradeep Ramesh, a senior undergraduate student working with Rob Phillips, Professor of Biophysics and Biology, has received a Fulbright fellowship to work in an experimental Biophysics lab at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen under the guidance of Professor Lene B. Oddershede. He plans to study the collision and queuing of RNA polymerases during transcription using optical tweezers and atomic-force microscopes.  

Pradeep has been working with Professor Phillips and graduate student Geoffrey Lovely since his Sophomore year at Caltech.  While a Fulbright, in addition to the research he intends to explore jazz and early modern art for which Copenhagen is renowned. He has also been invited to spend a few weeks at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge studying theoretical biophysics.  The purpose of the Fulbright fellowship program is "Fostering leadership, learning and empathy between cultures".

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