Professor Wierman Receives ACM SIGMETRICS Rising Star Researcher Award

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Adam Wierman, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, is the recipient of the 2011 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGMETRICS Rising Star Researcher Award.  The award recognizes his outstanding contributions in the design and analysis of scheduling policies, which provided fundamental insights into scheduling and fairness in modern computing systems.  

The ACM Special Interest Group for the computer systems performance evaluation community (SIGMETRICS) Rising Star Researcher Award recognizes rising stars who demonstrate outstanding potential for research in the field of computer and communication performance. The selection is based on the impact of the candidate's work in the field in creating promising new ideas, paradigms, and tools, related to the performance analysis of computer and communication systems, which may be analytical or empirical in nature. Depth and impact are valued over breadth of contribution for this award. [Learn More]

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