Tim Colonius

Frank and Ora Lee Marble Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Degrees and Appointments

B.S., University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1987; M.S., Stanford University, 1988; Ph.D., 1994. Assistant Professor, Caltech, 1994-2000; Associate Professor, 2000-05; Professor, 2005-16; Marble Professor, 2017-.

Email: coloniusSymbolatcaltech.edu

Tel: 626-395-4021
Fax: 626-568-2719

261 Gates-Thomas Laboratory MC 104-44 Pasadena, CA 91125


Holly Golcher, 626-395-4229

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Research Overview

Professor Colonius studies complex, multiscale flow phenomena and their control using theory and numerical experiments.  Application areas include instabilities, sources of sound, shock and bubble dynamics, and medical applications of ultrasound and shock waves.

List of Research Areas

Fluid dynamics: global instabilities, cavitation and bubble dynamics, aerodynamic sound. Control: closed-loop flow control and reduced-order modeling. Biomedical fluid dynamics: shock-waves, lithotripsy and ultrasound. Numerical methods: interface capturing, immersed-boundary methods, high-order-accurate methods, and nonreflecting boundary conditions.

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