Emeritus Faculty

Alain J. Martin

Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus

Professor Martin focuses on asynchronous VLSI and parallel architecture.

Carver Mead

Gordon and Betty Moore Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, Emeritus

James Morgan

Marvin L. Goldberger Professor of Environmental Engineering Science, Emeritus

Marc-Aurele Nicolet

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, Emeritus

Professor Nicolet focuses on solid-state device technology: thin-film processes and surface layer phenomena.

David B. Rutledge

Kiyo and Eiko Tomiyasu Professor of Engineering, Emeritus

Dr. Rutledge’s newest research is in projections for fossil-fuel production, and the implications for alternative energy sources and climate change. His earlier research was in developing integrated-circuit antennas for sub-millimeter waves, imaging antenna arrays, quasi-optical systems, software for computer-aided design and measurement, and high-frequency switching power amplifiers. He is co-author with Scott Wedge, Richard Compton, and Matthias Gerstlauer, of the popular microwave computer-aided design package, Puff, which has sales of over 30,000 copies worldwide. He is also author of the textbook The Electronics of Radio, published by Cambridge University Press, which has had four printings. He designed microwave data-link systems as an Aerosystems Engineer at Lockheed-Martin.

Theodore Y. Wu

Professor of Engineering Science, Emeritus